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Quality products you can rely on, Nationwide.

We have Franchises situated in all major centres of South Africa. The Franchisees are backed up by a Franchisor that guarantees the quality of product and service. We have been in business for over 50 years with a proven track record. Our products and service are guaranteed.

We have the largest variety of colours and range in blinds, shutters, folding doors and security products with effortless customisation available.


Why Choose Us?

Industry leaders

We are South Africa's top manufacturer and professional installer of blinds, shutters, awnings and folding doors.

High quality

At Windovert we have a wide range of high quality products and we will also offer to service your old blinds and shutters.


Providing solutions to all your sun and light control requirements.

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1 July

3 Décor Themes Inspired By Nature

There's no better feeling than being in nature, so why not recreate that feeling indoors this season? These 3 nature-inspired home decor ideas will have you reconnecting with nature in no time! . . .

Blog 1

1 June

Go BOLD and warm up your space with these winter tips

It's time to turn down the lights and light a candle as Benny Page sings it. This season calls for rich, bold colour palettes and a new aesthetic that will give your living space a warm and cosy feel. . . .

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1 May

Fengshui your windows for winter

Fengshui experts say that windows are the eyes of our homes. Similar to doors, these energy portals allow for the free flow of Chi to pass throughout the home for harmony, peace, and tranquillity. Blinds are a great way to achieve this. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect blinds for your good fortune. . . .


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