Canopy Awning

Windovert Canopy awnings shall be fabricated from 15 micron natural anodised aluminium extrusions to the style required and will incorporate profiles as selected.

These profiles shall be fabricated and formed to the design and size ordered and shall be interconnected by means of P.V.C. hinge sets. The awning profiles are designed to incorporate a P.V.C. insert which allows for covering to be stapled by stainless steel staples and then to be covered with P.V.C. cover strip to colour selected.

The awning can be covered with either Dralon Acrylic Fabric, Sunworker or Arcade P.V.C. as selected and trimmed with a 150mm deep valance in style and colour selected with an acrylic edge binding.

Retractable awnings shall be controlled by means of a 5mm nylon braided cord running through a series of nylon pulleys and cord guides, and is received by a moulded cord cleat.

Fixed awnings require a minimum of two aluminium support sections which replace all cords, pulleys and cleats, and will be fitted by means of self tapping screws or pop rivets to the arm structure. Retractable awnings with PVC material are not recommended.

Drop Arm Awning

The awning cover is fabricated from material selected and the valance is finished with loosely woven braid constructed of the same acrylic material as the main cover, ensuring a good colour co-ordination while following the curves of the valance design. The awning is normally controlled with a crank handle turning the barrel through a reduction gear box or in awkward situations can be operated by an electric motor from a fixed position switch or remote control unit.

Depending on the width and projection, the fabric is rolled around a barrel of 70 or 80mm diameter barrel which has a groove for easy attachment of the fabric, and is supported at each end by coated cast aluminium brackets.

The arms are of extruded aluminium tubing and are pivoted at the wall by a fitting which can contain a strong spring to tension the fabric down to a maximum of 155 degree angle, or alternatively with a 180 degree angle by use of a gravity arm (no spring). It is advisable in the latter case to add ballast to the front rail of the awning.

The front rail is a substantial aluminium extrusion with grooves both for the main cover and the valance, and makes for easy assembly and exchange of fabric and valance.

This unit is for sun protection only, and is to be fully retracted when not in use.

Retractable Fold Arm Awning

The retractable patio awning comprising material to your selection from our range is mounted onto a galvanised fluted steel roller tube with roller supports which are then fitted on a 40mm x 40mm square installation tube which is supported by coated cast aluminium face or top fix mounting brackets.

The folding arms comprise of extruded and coated aluminium profiles housing internal tension springs through which equal tension is exerted on the cover.

The springs are linked by means of stainless steel chains to AISA304 standards.

All arms and cast aluminium components are coated to the colour white of 65 microns thickness and to DIN2089 specification. These arms are connected to coated cast aluminium brackets which incorporate an adjustable mechanism that allows for the desired pitch to be set. The arms are also connected to the front aluminium rail by means of coated cast aluminium fall bar brackets.

The material is sustained from the roller tube to an aluminium front rail by means of the spring loaded folding arms. Operation is by means of a reduction gearbox mounted at one end of the roller tube and activated by means of a removable crank handle. Electrical and fully automated operating systems are also available.

All parts which go into the structure of this awning, such as brackets, arms, connectors and clamp assemblies meet the strict and demanding European ISO9000 standards. These parts and components also meet the “German TUV Qualicoat” standard for coatings.

This unit is for sun protection only, and is to be fully retracted when not in use.

Gear Control Drop Blind

Depending on the width this unit consists of either a galvanised fluted steel 70 or 80mm diameter barrel, which is supported at each end by coated cast aluminium brackets. Operation is by means of a reduction gear box mounted at one end of the barrel and activated by a removable crank handle. This unit moves only in a vertical up or down motion.

The material selected is attached to the barrel by means of a 7mm diameter P.V.C. tube, which in turn is inserted through a groove provided by the barrel. The drop blind is finished at the bottom with a pocket through which a 50mm diameter tube is inserted to serve as a bottom weight for stability during operation.

This unit is suitable for top and face fix mounting and can be tied down by means of stainless steel carbine hooks and saddles.

Electrical and fully automated operating systems are also available.  This unit is for sun protection only, and is to be fully retracted when not in use.

Cord Control Specification

The above unit will be operated by white nylon cord which runs through a series of stainless steel pulley’s that are fitted to the top aluminium profile. This profile is fed through a pocket at the top and can be face or top fixed.

The bottom of this unit consists of a pocket which houses a 50mm aluminium tube which is plugged at either end. This tube can be secured to the ground by the use of tie downs. A white P.V.C. cleat is also supplied to take up any excess cord when the awning is pulled to an up position. (Please specify if face or top fixed)

This unit is for sun protection only, and is to be fully retracted when not in use

There are many types of awnings available. The gallery will show the different types

- Drop down awnings in solid or screen materials. PVC windows can be incorporated into these awnings.

- Fold arm awnings which open out as and when required.

- Various types of aluminium awnings are available. 

Please note that not all our Franchisees do all types of awnings.