Tecwood Shutters


Supply and installation of Windovert TECWOOD SHUTTERS with 89mm louvres, using the clear-view tiltrod system for operating louvres. Shutters to include stainless steel and aluminium components only.

  • No. of panels per opening required for accurate pricing.
  • Specify whether Hinged or Bi-Fold Systems are required.
  • More information on our WARRANTY.
System Max Panel Width Min Panel Width Max Height Divider Rail
Hinged 750mm 300mm 3000mm height >1600mm
Bi-Fold 600mm 300mm 3000mm height >1600mm

The Windovert TECWOOD SHUTTER has seen a new dawn and has become the market leading composite Shutter in South Africa. The new technically designed  sliding and hinging systems are designed 100% in-house, calling upon our combined years of experience in the Shutter market. The result is a very well balanced and beautiful looking white Shutter at a very affordable price.

  • Available in 89mm louvres.
  • Available only in white.
  • Clear-view tiltrod system.
  • Beautiful selection of rebate frames available for Hinged applications.
  • State of the art custom crafted Sliding Gear used on all our Bi-Fold Systems. We are confident that it is one of the best systems available in South Africa today!
  • Tecwood material conforms to all International Testing Standards for color fastness.
  • Stainless Steel hinges are available as an option, should you want to choose an outdoor application.
  • Stainless Steel sliding latches are standard on all our Bi-Fold Systems, and can be ordered on the Hinged Systems for extra comfort.
  • Aluminium reinforced louvres are used on all panels over 600mm wide, to ensure strength and stablitiy of the panels.

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More information on our WARRANTY.