Folding Doors


Supply and installation of Windovert folding doors in (wood, vinyl or PVC) (or similar and approved) in colour inclusive of all components and operating system.

  1. No. of widths and heights required. Total m2 is not enough to get accurate quote.
  2. Refer to our Windovert ONLINE ESTIMATOR to get an estimated price.

Sometimes referred to as accordion or concertina doors, we have been in the business of preventing draughts and providing privacy for over 30 years.

  • Available in wood, vinyl or PVC.
  • Doors are custom-made to fit your space.
  • Vinyl doors are available with sound reducing material built into the door.
  • Maximum height for wood and PVC is 2600mm. Maximum height for vinyl is 4500mm. There are theoretically no maximums on width.
  • Locks are available on all types of doors.