Aluminium Venetian Blinds


Supply and installation of Windovert ALUMINIUM VENETIAN BLINDS with (16mm, 25mm, 35mm or 50mm) aluminium slats of thickness 0,21mm, in your colour choice, inclusive of all components and operating systems. Head rails and Bottom rails to be colour matched to the slat color.

  • No. of blinds, widths, heights and type of fixing required for accurate pricing
  • Specify whether manual or motorised operation required, Motorised only in 50mm slats
  • Stack height is to be taken into account where relevant
  • Refer to our Windovert ONLINE ESTIMATOR to get an estimated price
  • More information on our WARRANTY
Slat Width Max Width Min Width Max Drop Max Area Motorised
25mm 3 000mm 300mm 3 000mm 4.5m2 No
35mm 3 000mm 480mm 3 000mm 6.0m2 No
50mm 3 200mm 480mm 3 500mm 9.0m2 Yes

The Windovert ALUMINIUM VENETIAN BLIND remains one of the most popular blinds in South Africa.

  • Available in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slats
  • A large range of colours and slat finishes are available, including MATT, GLOSS, WOODGRAIN, BRUSHED and PRINTED
  • 50mm blinds are available with the option of a 10mm or 25mm LADDER TAPE, instead of the traditional LADDER STRING
  • Gives effective sun and light control, at a very affordable price
  • Blinds with wire side guides are available in order to secure the blind in the case of installing onto doors or slopes
  • Hold down brackets are not provided as standard but can be added at no charge
  • 50mm blinds can be MOTORISED, using a motor to control either tilt only, or tilt and lift functionality