Getting new blinds and shutters is a tasteful way of up-styling one’s space. However, as with any luxury, you want to know that you are fitting your space with quality, timeless pieces that will last. So we have compiled a simple four step guide to make the process of choosing your window coverings a breeze. 


1. Know your options: 


Gone are the days when “window coverings” meant a piece of cloth dangling from a rod. Windovert’s range embodies sophistication in an extensive selection, from blinds and shutters to folding doors and security products.  Become familiar with your options by browsing our look book on our website.



2. Identify the desired function

Do you want to keep the afternoon sun off you as you lounge on your outdoor veranda? Or are you looking to open up your living area but still be able to maintain your family’s privacy? By deciding on the purpose your window coverings will have, you can quickly narrow down your search for the perfect match. As different window coverings will have specific functions, which are better suited to certain areas of your house. Our Aluminium Venetian blinds are ideal for rooms like your bathroom and kitchen whereas our Techwood Venetian blinds are better suited to your living room.

*Insider tip* For an even more sophisticated look and feel, opt for the motorised window coverings which require no more than the touch of a button to adjust.



3. Consider aesthetics


Your space is a reflection of your personal style and can be enhanced by colour, texture and patterns. The consideration of aesthetics when choosing your window coverings is thus essential to establishing and maintaining a flow in style throughout your space. From Mahogany to Antique Cream, we offer a choice of over 15 colours to suit your unique décor needs. 



4. Take measurements

Now that you have settled on a style to complement your space, it is time to get the measuring tape out and establish the area needed to be covered. Once you have all your measurements on hand, you can contact one of our experienced and friendly consultants for a quote or you can pop on over to our website and use our Quick Price Tool to get a quote within seconds. 



Alternatively, if these four steps are four too many, give us a call and we will help you sail through the process with our expert opinion. Or visit our website for more information on our product range.