The Surprising History of Blinds

Blinds. Where do they come from? And how have they evolved over the years? Window coverings can be traced back to some of the world’s most ancient societies. Egyptians, used damp strips of cloth as blinds to keep the dirt and sun from entering into their homes. Reeds were also gathered for use as shade and décor within their homes. The Chinese used bamboo products as window treatments and decorations.

Sleep Safely And Stylishly With Windovert’s Security Doors & Shutters

When it comes to bedroom windows or doors, it’s hard not to feel like you’re forced to make the choice between stylish coverings and secure coverings. With most security door and shutter manufacturers making little effort to hide unsightly bolts or fastenings, there seems to be no option for the South African consumer other than to opt for safety over aesthetics.

Window Covering Inspiration For The Latest Bedroom Design Trends

As the least trafficked room of the home, the bedroom is a space where you can be more experimental with your design and have fun flexing those creative muscles.