Sleep Safely And Stylishly With Windovert’s Security Doors & Shutters

When it comes to bedroom windows or doors, it’s hard not to feel like you’re forced to make the choice between stylish coverings and secure coverings. With most security door and shutter manufacturers making little effort to hide unsightly bolts or fastenings, there seems to be no option for the South African consumer other than to opt for safety over aesthetics.

This is one of the reasons why we, at Windovert, have put a lot of thought and effort into designing elegant security doors and shutters, as well as assembling their components in the most fashionable and secure way.

We’ve listed our top security coverings, along with some suggestions on which bedroom trends to pair them with below to help you see just how stylish they can be.

Silver Edge Security Shutters

As one of our highest quality offerings, Silver Edge Security Shutters don’t make any compromises on safety, and provide the ultimate peace of mind with solid 6063-grade aluminium. These stunning shutters are only manufactured with in-house components to guarantee precision and excellence in their engineering. And what’s more, they come in versatile colours such as white, bronze and cream – giving you the freedom to incorporate them in many different design styles.

Recommended Bedroom Design Trend: Silver Edge Security Shutters would fit right in with the current mid-century trend that emphasizes clean elements, white tones and wooden lines.

Shutterguard And Hurricane Shutters

These shutters are one of our most popular options for a reason! Not only do they look classy and sophisticated, but they also provide all the security you need and are extremely easy to use with the lock being a single knob operation. As an added bonus, this product comes with market leading delivery, as Windovert are one of the largest suppliers of Shutterguard and Hurricane shutters in South Africa.

Recommended Bedroom Design Trend: Demonstrated in the image above, these shutters complement the canopy bed trend beautifully with their luxurious appeal.   

Security Doors

Far from the average security options in the South African market, the Windovert Security Door exudes elegance. Made with 100% aluminium, it is lightweight yet strong and is 100% rust proof. Its clever design and light frame allows the door to glide effortlessly when opened and closed.

Recommended Bedroom Design Trend: Windovert Security Doors look great with just about any bedroom design trend due to their subtle and timeless look.

Contact our expert consultants if you’d like more information on our security doors and shutters.