Window Covering Inspiration For The Latest Bedroom Design Trends

As the least trafficked room of the home, the bedroom is a space where you can be more experimental with your design and have fun flexing those creative muscles.

This is especially true when it comes to testing out the latest trends and tailoring them to suit your tastes. And what better opportunity to try out a new type of window covering than with a brand-new bedroom update?

Here are a few bedroom design trends and window covering ideas that you can get excited about and incorporate into your own unique style!

Bedroom Skylights

Image courtesy of Amory Brown

Of the more novel bedroom design trends for 2019, above-the-bed skylights have added an extra level of pleasure to the bedroom. Just imagine staring at the stars before you fall asleep or waking up to a glorious burst of sunshine!

Window Covering Ideas: Motorised blinds are definitely the way to go for skylights as you can open and close them from the comfort of your bed, using a remote control. You could also set them to automatically open with your morning alarm and shut before bedtime.

Canopy Beds

Image courtesy of Cornish Interiors

Dating as far back as medieval times, canopy beds have stood the test of time – evidenced by their massive comeback this year! This trend has an unapologetic sense of luxury to it. So, if you choose a canopy bed for your home, make sure you echo an air of lavishness all throughout your design.   

Window Covering Ideas: Lantex Fabric Venetian Blinds would fit in perfectly with the romantic and luxurious look of this design trend.

Bedside Plants


Image courtesy of Dee Campling

Potted plants are not only a favourite in contemporary living rooms, but are also big when it comes to bedroom design trends – and we literally mean big as well! Besides adding a refreshing hint of nature into your space, bedside plants can be used to create different levels of height in your design and consequently create more visual intrigue.

Window Covering Ideas: We recommend using Roller Blinds because these window coverings allow plenty of sunlight inside, and can help create the right conditions for your plants to stay healthy and happy. You could also use Timber Shutters to complement the natural ethos of this trend.

Rugs Under The Bed

Image courtesy of Capitol Building

If you like the idea of feeling the wonderfully soft comfort of a shaggy rug underfoot as you climb into bed, then this bedroom design trend may be for you! Plus, this idea adds a warm and cosy atmosphere to the bedroom that is sure to help you fall soundly asleep.

Window Covering Ideas: You could use fabric blinds such as Roller Blinds or Lantex Venetian Blinds to go with the soft and comforting texture that this trend brings to the bedroom. As a benefit of using Roller Blinds, you could enjoy the added privacy that comes with choosing the block out fabric option.

Shades Of Grey

Image courtesy of Architecture Art Designs

This gorgeous neutral has more to offer than you think! Although it may have a reputation for being cold and detached, this colour can actually bring a lot of warmth to the bedroom.  From playing with the textures of concrete floors and wall finishes to using varying shades of grey to add depth, there is a lot of fun to be had with this trend.

Window Covering Ideas: Aluminium Venetian Blinds would suit this trend perfectly and help add another dimension to it with its array of finishes (such as matt, gloss, brushed or printed).

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