In celebration of Arts and Crafts month, we encourage you to explore your own creativity by embracing one or more of the latest interior styling trends to keep your home up to date.



That’s right! Those floral wallpapers that we used to see in our elderly relatives’ family homes and cringe are now back in fashion – and very popular.  However, there is the modern twist. These wallpapers must be teamed with a modern piece of furniture, lamp or artwork. Ensure too, that the basic colour palette will also compliment the rest of your soft furnishings.

Image via: stylelibrary.com                                                                                                                             Image via: theinterioreditor.com



The 2020 Pantone colour of the year is Classic Blue. It's such a classy colour and easy to incorporate into your home. Whether you’re bold enough to paint with it, or just accessorise, take a few moments to check out the blue and complimentary coloured blinds that Windovert has to offer in various styles.



Rumour has it that velvet will be one of the key trends this year, and as winter is on its way, what better time to introduce it.  Again, start with small additions like cushions and work your way up to a full upholstery to ensure that the design suits your lifestyle.



Every room needs a focal point, so what better way than by adding a creative piece of art? A twisted length of driftwood can add as much interest, colour and texture as a beautiful lamp, statue or painting. Make sure you choose something that really resonates with you and not what you think your guests will like.



In this day and age, less is more. Keep your interior decorating simple, by using natural materials and functional home furnishings. Keep your window coverings simple too, with motorised blinds. Most blinds can be motorised. This is not to encourage laziness but rather for convenience and safety. Motorised blinds also removes the concern that either your child or pet may get entangled in the cord or fins. And it’s not as costly as you may think. Get a quote from your nearest Windovert today.