As we creep into winter and the days grow crisper, cooler and shorter, we have 5 simple tips on how to shed some light in your home.


1. Change up your lightbulbs

Now is the perfect time to sort out one of those pesky little problems that you never get around to… All those mismatched lightbulbs! Switch out the cool white bulbs for warm ones to create a cosy feeling that radiates through your home.



2. Smoke and mirrors
Okay, just mirrors…
Mirrors bounce and reflect light around a room, so make the most of the weak winter sunlight by hanging up some mirrors. Big or small, you’ll be surprised by the results.



3. String along some lights
Add a little magic to the long nights by hanging some string lights in an area where you might curl up with a good book. These will boost your mood and the ambient light.



4. Replace curtains with blinds
Curtains may seem warmer, but they can block out a lot of natural light creating a gloomy atmosphere. Replace them with blinds to let in as much daylight as possible. We suggest aluminium, Tecwood, or Lantex Fabric Venetian blinds. Make sure you go for softer colours such as white or cream, which reflect light when they’re closed at night.



5. Light those candles
If dark corners are getting on your wick, light some candles to illuminate those spaces that never seem to catch the light. Vanilla, cinnamon and berry scents are perfect to complement the cosy environment you’re creating.


Have some fun with these ideas, there are lots of options and combinations to choose from to make your space feel tailor-made to you.