5 Socially Distanced Activities for the Family

Looking for things to do, but finding your options limited? Whether you want to get out, or would prefer to stay home, take a look at these activities to enjoy with the family while social distancing.


1. Hiking or Biking

If you’re desperate to get outdoors then finding a good hiking or biking trail might be the perfect solution. Immerse yourself in nature and keep fit while you’re at it, it’s a win-win. Turn the adventure into an even better day out by packing a picnic and finding a nice spot on your trail to spend some quality time with the ones you love – all while enjoying some fresh air in a new environment.


2. Bring the Cinema Home

If you’d rather stay in, then try a home cinema day! Find a movie that no-one’s seen before, grab some popcorn, snacks and sodas, then get comfy with some cushions and blankets. For an authentic cinema feeling, you’ve got to shut out the light – We’ve got the perfect shutters and blinds to do the trick! There you have it! A new movie experience in the comfort and convenience of your own home.


3. Gardening

We’re spending a lot of time looking at our gardens, so it’s not a bad idea to spend some time working on them. Maybe start a veggie patch, it’s a great opportunity to get the little ones involved, and be a bit more self-sustaining too. This is also a good excuse to visit your local garden centre, many are selling take-away coffee or tea for you to sip while you meander through all the lovely plants and flowers. If you want to make your garden a bit cheerier, make sure to add loads of colour!




4. They’ve Got Game

If you want to get off the beaten track, consider a day trip to a game reserve in your province. It’s a great way to support local communities, as well as wildlife conservation, while taking in some of the unique sights and sounds of our beautiful country. Not being able to travel abroad makes it a good time to appreciate what’s right on our doorstep – things many people travel thousands of miles to see – that we sometimes take for granted.



5. Quiz Night


There are loads of local quizzes being hosted online where you can show off your expertise in a range of different topics. Prove your worth in a general knowledge quiz, or get the whole family involved for a Disney or Harry Potter themed quiz. Make an event of it and play to the theme by getting dressed up and preparing some creative snacks. You can even recruit team members from another household, or let the kiddies play with their friends, by running a concurrent video call on another device. These quizzes are loads of raucous fun and most of them are free to join! Look out for the next quiz events at the following links: Quiz Nights SA, Comic-Con Africa, Empire Entertainment.



There's plenty to keep you busy if you think outside the box, and loads of ways to connect with the people you love, even if you can't be close to them.