How to leave the house for a holiday – Just in case you’ve forgotten

We’re free to wander our beautiful country again, but some of us may have forgotten how to leave the house when going away. Here are some helpful tips if you’re planning to take advantage of the borders opening up…


Notebook planning for a holiday in red marker


1. Unplug electronics so load shedding doesn’t get ‘em

All the relaxation you absorbed while away will disappear in an instant if you come home to a TV blown by a power surge, so be sure to unplug anything that doesn’t need to be running. For appliances that need to be left on, like fridges and freezers, it’s a good idea to get some surge protector plugs for peace of mind. If you can help it, it’s also best not to leave any food items in the fridge or freezer that might spoil.

2. Close the blinds

To avoid prying eyes and prevent temptation, Windovert blinds offer the perfect solution. You can close them just enough to stop people seeing in, but still let in some natural light so your home doesn’t stay dark and dingy while you’re away. View the range of quality blinds here.


White window blinds being pulled up to let light into home

3. Turn off your geyser

The geyser uses a lot of power, so it’s wise to switch it off and save some money while you’re away. It will also reduce the risk of a burst geyser while no-one is at home to deal with it.


DV Board Switch off Geyser

4. Park vehicles out of sight

If possible, park all vehicles that are not making the trip out of sight to avoid temptation for theft. Parking them undercover is preferable as this will reduce the risk of weather damage as well. Of course, if you’re able to park them in a garage, that would be the best option.

5. Notify your security company

If your security company knows you’re not home, they’ll know to look out for any anomalies that may occur. This will also allow them to respond to alarms more efficiently and effectively according to your agreement with them.

6. Communicate properly with a sitter

Make sure everyone is clear on the dates and times of departure and return so that Fluffy (or Feathers) doesn’t go hungry. Also, make sure that your house or pet sitter is aware of all the details listed above – making a physical set of instructions to leave at the house will put your mind at ease. Be sure to include any other important information such as your vet’s contact details, pool maintenance instructions, and so on. A digital copy is a great idea too so that your sitter can keep the information on a nearby device for reference when they are not at the house.

Now get out there, explore the beautiful destinations that are right on your doorstep, and support the local businesses and communities eagerly awaiting your arrival.