Custom Chic Decor

Go With The Flow
An eye-catching trend in woodwork is rethinking possibilities and crafting unique furniture using epoxy resin and pigments. The results are gorgeous 1-of-a-kind creations with a luxurious finish. This technique can unite your favourite colour, timber and even objects to set a scene. The possibilities are endless, from a flowing river to a golden honeycomb, and can be applied to countless objects, from dining and coffee tables to chopping boards and clocks.


Print The Perfect Piece
3D printing brings imagination to life. From functional design to intricate shapes, if you can think it, you can print it. Objects can be fabricated from scratch as a single unit or as components to incorporate into a multi-material assembly. The benefits are clear, with more flexibility in design and the ability to create shapes not previously possible, to name just a few. With shared concepts, and modular models printable on even small machines, this innovation could change the game for interior design.


Anything Under The Sun
Window coverings may seem relatively standard, but there is ample room for customisation if you have the vision. Materials range from aluminium and wood to fabric and composite, giving you extensive options in colour and finish. We also tailor products to fit almost any window shape and take customisation to a futuristic new level with motorised blinds that have even been installed on skylight windows.


Flatpack and mass production have become standard, but if you want something different, the above ideas are just some of the ways you can break the mould.