3 tips for choosing a decor theme

Is it something you love?
You'll have to live with your theme, so choose something that you're passionate about or that represents your personality or family values rather than going with what's trending. This way, your theme is much more likely to stand the test of time, just like our range of shutters.


Is it easy to achieve?
You may have fanciful visions of a Venetian river cruise theme, but it will likely be difficult to find gondola-type decor. Be realistic and avoid choosing something too niche or obscure, or you may get frustrated and overwhelmed trying to bring your ideas to life. Try to keep your theme broad and simple.


Are you overdoing it?
Start with a basic base level, and use themed decor items to lift the room. If you get carried away and incorporate the theme into every item in a room, you risk it becoming a tad kitsch. This way, it's also easy to give your space a switch-up if you feel like a change or even to bring in seasonal elements.


Whether it's an island retreat or a contemporary metropolitan style, we hope these tips will help you achieve your decor dreams.