Fengshui your windows for winter

In your element
Fengshui places an emphasises on natural elements. Choosing blinds made from raw materials such as wood, bamboo, or metal is the perfect place to start when increasing the good vibes in your home. Consider our Aluminium or Wooden Venetian Blinds. Keep in mind that each one of us belongs to a different element according to when we were born. If you are categorised by fire, you may find it more beneficial to opt for artificial fibres like our Tecwood Venetian Blinds.


The colour of serenity
Stick with lighter tones when it comes to your blinds and shutters. Light grey and blue colours are a great option. Overdoing colours like red and black invokes too much excitement, and very dark shades can give off a depressing vibe. As much as we may love pretty pink, it may be best to avoid this colour, as it is known to give off anxious and irritable vibrations in the home. The rule of thumb is to avoid bright and go light!


Time & tide
Time of day is another crucial factor in allowing good energy into your home. Fengshui experts point out the importance of the flow of sunshine throughout the day and closing the "eyes" of your home when night falls. Sunlight in the home allows for the free flow of good energy, while leaving your blinds open at night may 'expose' you to bad luck.


We could all do with some good vibes at the moment. We hope these Fengshui tips give you a great start to the new season!