Apartment therapy to spark joy

This trend seeks to create a happy home that can improve your quality of living. Your home is your sanctuary, so it should be an environment of serenity from the moment you walk in. Just like a long walk on the beach can be therapeutic to our minds, so can our living space. Therefore, making a few adjustments can significantly impact your well-being. Research shows that how your space looks reflects how you feel, and vice versa. There are many practical yet simple ways to achieve a therapeutic atmosphere in your home.


Marie Kondo, famous for her organisation skills, offers a great starting point. One of her catchphrases is to keep what 'sparks joy' and toss what no longer does (not forgetting to send it off with a smile and "thank you"). This practice helps increase joy in your home by removing unnecessary clutter and only holding onto things that give you positive vibes. Take a good look around your space and identify which items make you happy and those which no longer do. If it sparks joy, keep itÍž if it doesn't, it may be time to let go.


Another way to make your space more therapeutic is to have it reflect your personality. Think of what makes you you. Your tastes and passions. Are movies your thing? Plants perhaps? Or do you love the ocean? Incorporate items that align with who you are into your space like our unique range of shutters to suit any mood. If you love to read, consider a unique bookshelf. If you love art, maybe splurge on a painting that inspires you. Whatever you're into, adding a personal touch to your living space will make you feel more at home. 


And finally, surrounding yourself with nature and getting some sunshine every day has been proven to lift your mood, improve productivity, relieve stress and combat depression. Doing something as simple as allowing a few rays of sunlight to pass through your blinds every morning or placing some leafy green plants will make your space look and feel uplifting.


We hope we've given you some inspiring and therapeutic ideas to put into practice.