Is Your Home Guest Ready?

The festive season is right around the corner, which means it's time to welcome friends and family into your home for gatherings, celebrations, and quality time. As you prepare to be an excellent host, here are some tips to ensure your home is a guest-ready and welcoming haven of comfort, style, and convenience.

1. Ditch the drab curtains
One of the quickest ways to give your home a fresh look is by upgrading your window coverings. Consider replacing those drab curtains with sleek, modern blinds or shutters. They offer precise light control, privacy, and a classy contemporary aesthetic.

2. Keep the sizzling on the braai
If you have an outdoor braai area, consider installing an awning to provide much-needed shade during the scorching summer months. This will make your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting for guests. Whether expressing your braai-master skills, enjoying an outdoor dinner, or simply relaxing and enjoying your view, an awning will save you and your guests from sizzling in the sun.

3. Wind and sun control
Patio blinds are a fantastic solution to help you maximise the potential of your outdoor entertainment area. These versatile coverings allow you to enjoy the summer while protecting you and your guests from the elements. Whether it's a windy day or the sun is blazing, patio blinds provide shelter and create a pleasant outdoor atmosphere, and our screen fabric options mean you won't have to compromise your garden view.

4. Put a stop to being bugged by bugs
Don't let pesky pests like mosquitoes, flies and other bugs spoil your festive gatherings. Insect screens keep bugs at bay, ensuring guests can relax without the constant buzz and bites!

5. Motorization for tech heads
Impress your tech-savvy relatives with motorised blinds and awnings. With the simple touch of a button, you can effortlessly control your window coverings and outdoor shades. Showcase your home's modernity and convenience with these cutting-edge additions.

Creating a guest-ready home for the festive season involves both aesthetics and functionality. With these upgrades, you'll be well prepared to host memorable gatherings and celebrate the festive season conveniently and, most importantly, with style!

Happy hosting and happy holidays!