Simplify your life with Windovert

12 July is Simplicity Day, an ideal opportunity to highlight the benefits of simplifying your day-to-day for a happier way of life. In this modern world, our lives have become overrun by daily complications, constant multitasking, stress, and more. It is easy to lose sight of what is truly important, brings genuine joy, and soothes your soul. We all desperately need to rediscover relaxation and peace amidst the hustle and bustle.


Below, we explore how our range of products – blinds, shutters, awnings, patio blinds, security gates, insect screens, and more – can simplify your life and give you more time to enjoy the things that matter most!


1. Declutter your space
Blinds and shutters offer neat aesthetics and clean lines that help create an elegant, relaxed atmosphere and a less cluttered environment. With numerous design, colour and material options in both ranges, our blinds and shutters are fully customisable to your specific decor needs.


2. Re-connect with nature
Windovert awnings and patio blinds are essential additions to your outdoor space to create that ideal indoor-outdoor balance. These functional upgrades are more than just weather barriers; they allow you to spend more time outdoors getting fresh air and taking mental health breaks. Connecting with nature and taking time to read are two easy ways to achieve a simpler lifestyle. A repurposed outdoor space will help make it possible.


3. Simply secure
There is no doubt that peace of mind plays a crucial role in reducing general worry and stress. We have several products created specifically to guard your peace of mind. Our security shutters, gates, and screens provide a vital sense of safety, allowing you to simply enjoy your space worry-free.


4. Less pestering
There is no greater frustration than settling down to relax in your own space just to be bombarded by pesky pests! Our insect screens are the ideal solution for keeping your home pest-free while still allowing you to enjoy your views and a relaxing breeze.


5. Motorised convenience
For ultimate simplicity, motorisation options are available on several of our products, including roller blinds, Venetian blinds, patio blinds, shutters and awnings. You can enjoy the convenience and joy of opening your window coverings and letting in the morning light, all at the touch of a button!


The essence of simple living is to reduce things back to basics, with the aim of achieving a more balanced, healthy and happy life. By their very nature, Windovert products put you in control of your environment, allowing you to decide how much sunlight, airflow and privacy you desire in your home at any time.

If you want to start your journey of simplicity, reduce your daily concerns and enjoy a more mindful way of life, contact us today to speak to an expert about your specific requirements.