Guest Room Ready

The festive Season has arrived and with it comes the influx of family visiting for the holidays!

You want your guests’ stay to be a memorable and welcoming one so now’s the time to spruce it up because there’s more to a guest room than just a comfortable bed and towel.

Here’s what the home experts at WomensDay recommend putting in a guest room to make their stay a happy one!

Multiple plug point/ universal charger:

Nowadays we have so many electronics that we travel with, from cell phones to kindles to laptops and the list goes on! So it’s not surprising should your guest forget a charger amidst the packing frenzy. Keep a universal charger in your guest room and don’t forget to check the plug point for space, you may need to add a double adapter to the mix as well.

Lots of pillows:

Everyone is different when it comes to their pillow preference, some sleep with 1 some with 2 and so on, so rather have too many than too little! You also may not have enough space to have a chair in the room so by having lots of pillows this allows your visitors to be able to sit up in bed comfortably.


This is a nice simple touch that means your guest won’t have to run to the bathroom following a sneeze.

Bedside Table:

This is probably the most important piece of furniture in your spare room as this is where your guests will be placing their personal items and more than likely the only surface available to put their stuff down. A nice touch is to also add a best seller on the bedside for some good reading.

With these spare room must haves, your guests are sure to have a comfortable and convenient stay!