5 tips to creating the perfect entertainment area

The perfect entertainment area should be designed in such a way that it can be used all year round. There is nowhere more inviting than your very own backyard as it’s the perfect place to host parties and get-togethers with friends and family.

We understand that creating an entertainment area takes planning and a clear idea of what the space will primarily be used for. It is with this understanding in mind that we’ve put together our top five tips to creating the perfect entertainment area for your home.

Here are our top tips:

Clever seating

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South African families love the idea of an outdoor entertainment area which means you’ll need to get creative with your seating plan. Apart from the standard table and chairs, it may be a good idea to add  extra space where friends and family can sit down and relax. A great option to consider is built-in seating which not only saves you space but also goes a long way in creating  a relaxed atmosphere- simply add cushions and you’re all set.

We’ve got you covered

To ensure you get the most from your entertainment area all year round, you’ll need to consider the weather. Will your entertainment area have adequate shade during summer? Will you need to add a heater, fireplace or other extras for winter? You can install enclosures to help block wind, rain and sun. An awning, roller blinds or patio blinds could be just what you need to keep entertaining all year round. Windovert has a wide range of applications that will ensure that you are kept covered.  Windovert awnings are available in various styles and functionalities to meet your design requirements. 

Bring your indoors outdoors

Love being outdoors but also enjoy the luxury that being indoors offers? Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds by incorporating  Windovert’s patio blinds. Also known as the outdoor roller blind, this window covering is very popular among South Africans who love being outdoors. So go ahead and enclose your patio against the sun with our patio blinds. You’ll still be able to enjoy your view of the outdoors due to the advancements of technical screen fabrics that Windovert use. 

Light it up 

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Lighting is yet another important aspect that will help set the atmosphere when entertaining. A well-lit outdoor area is essential in creating memorable moments. A wide range of outdoor lighting is available and  should you choose to go the solar route, rather  opt for  stylish candles that are housed in pretty candle holders or install up lights or down lights. The correct lighting will add to the overall ambiance of the your outside area. 

Build an outdoor kitchen

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No entertainment area is complete without easy access to food and drinks. Your outdoor kitchen should be built close to your existing house to make it easier for wiring electricity and plumbing to that location. Your kitchen should include all amenities like a sink, refrigerator and electricity.  If your budget allows, you could also include a built-in grill and extras like a pizza oven. 

Create a lasting ambience

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We all love outdoor entertainment areas for the natural ambience and relaxing environment they offer. If you want to go all out in creating the perfect, relaxed outdoor retreat, install surround sound for your patio. Let’s be honest, there’s no party without your favourite play list being played in the background. For those who want to be a little low key, add a water feature to your landscape for the ultimate entertaining escape.  

If entertaining outdoors is your favourite pass time, then we hope that we shared some valuable insights on what you need to create the perfect entertainment area. Have a  few tips of your own that you simply have to share? Drop us a comment in the box below.