Style Your Home With Customised Window Coverings

“Pick what you like because living with a trend that is not you is never a good choice” – Thomas Pheasant

Over the years, advancements in manufacturing techniques have given home owners and interior designers more freedom to choose when it comes to customised window coverings. Be it texture, material, colour or size, almost every detail can be tailored to suit an individual’s or organisation’s unique style.

Window covering customisation has, therefore, allowed home and office essentials such as blinds or shutters to move beyond simple functionality and become integral to interior design.

From controlling the amount of natural light that a room receives with motorisation to enhancing a building’s design style with a bold pop of colour, window coverings have the potential to completely transform the look and feel of any space.

Just take a look at the our products below to see what you can do with custom blinds or shutters.

Roller Blinds

Windovert Roller Blinds are becoming an increasingly popular option for South African home interiors. This is because they offer the most flexibility out of all the customised window coverings. With many of the fabrics available in wide widths, allowing bigger blinds to be made, and an impressive selection of colours and textures, there isn’t a window that this blind wont work with!

Lantex Fabric Venetian Blinds

Soft, sophisticated and stylish, Windovert’s Lantex Fabric Venetian Blinds are made up of slats that are much lighter in weight than traditional venetian blinds, which allows much wider and higher blinds to be made. They also come with the option of motorisation, enabling them to effortlessly open and close with a remote control or wall mounted switch (can window covering customisation get any cooler?)

Timber Shutters

Looking for a classy solution to your light control needs? Timber Shutters come in a variety of materials, such as engineered and solid timbers, and have all sorts of configurations available which accommodate for unique shapes such as Bay windows and arches.

Whatever size or finish you choose, you’re sure to make a dramatic difference in any home with our striking shutters!

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