Finding your Window Treatment Style

Whether your look is traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, make your window treatments match your design personality

Key points to take into consideration when finding your window treatment style:

  • Pattern, texture and colour – To get your window treatment to fit in with your space you need to get these 3 elements in proportion to your particular style.
  • Fabric – this includes decorative elements, your hanging method and type of treatment.


This style is most commonly defined by colour, texture, pattern and fabric. You need to consider how the window treatment fits in with the overall design scheme. The focus here is on the detail, a great example is the use of layering such as combining blinds with curtains swept to the sides with the blinds controlling the light and the curtains more for decorative purposes. Patterned fabrics also play a large role in the traditional style.


This style focuses on simplicity and a clean structured look. By using blinds you can also bring in a pattern to add interest. Shutters are another option and are great for light and privacy control.


This style is somewhere in between the simplicity of contemporary treatments and the details in traditional treatments. Here the window treatment will have very little detail (such as a roller blind or shutters) while incorporating the colour and pattern in the rest of the furniture.

Whatever your window treatment style may be, we are sure to have a solution for you!

Content credit: Houzz