Dress Up Your Windows For 2019’s Latest Kitchen Trends

Want to heat up the look of your kitchen, but not feeling inspired? Why not turn to 2019’s latest kitchen trends for some creative direction? Styles like French country, traditional, coastal-inspired and contemporary have always been popular, as they lend themselves to hundreds of design possibilities and can easily be personalised to suit each home. This year, however, they have moved into the limelight and are gracing the pages of all the hottest interior design magazines.  

So, to help you pick your favourite trend and keep your design uniform with window coverings that blend in perfectly with your chosen style, we’ve rounded up the most stunning French country, traditional, coastal-inspired and contemporary examples and have recommended kitchen window treatments for each of them. Get ready to drool over these dreamy designs!

French Country Kitchens

Image: Trend4homy.com

French country could be described as the perfect balance of warmth and finesse. This style dives into the detail without being overly pretentious. Features such as soft, muted or pastel colour palettes, large kitchen islands and under sink skirting are commonly showcased in these kitchens that boast effortless elegance and rustic charm.

Recommended Kitchen Window Treatments: Tecwood Blinds (which are also ideal for the kitchen as they are heat-resistant and splash-resistant) or Tecwood Shutters will work well with the soft touches and muted colour palettes, and Timber Shutters will enhance the warmth of this design style with their wooden finish.

Traditional Kitchens

Image courtesy of interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.

As one of the most popular kitchen styles, Traditional kitchens are all about finding the balance between convenience and luxury. Granite or marble countertops, neutral colour schemes and stainless-steel appliances are recurring elements in each traditional kitchen. If you love embellishments and decorative accessories like crown mouldings, then perhaps this style is for you!

Recommended Kitchen Window Treatments: Aluminium Venetian Blinds would complement the sleek and luxurious look of this design style (we have a wide range of metallic finishes for these blinds that would pair beautifully with stainless steel appliances).

Coastal Kitchens

Image courtesy of Lisette Voute Designs

Light and breezy and laid-back are three words we’d use to encapsulate the spirit of coastal kitchens. For those that don’t want summer to end, this design style will add loads of sunny, care-free spirit all year ‘round! A dominant white interior with splashes of colour and natural textures (created with wood, glass or greenery) often characterise this style and help produce a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

Recommended Kitchen Window Treatments: Our Fauxwood Venetian Blind would work best with this design due to its natural wooden appearance. If you’re going for a coastal design in a coastal location, then this is ideal as it is not as susceptible to weathering as genuine wood and fares well in moist areas. You could also use Bamboo Blinds here.

Contemporary Kitchens

Image courtesy of Annika Feuss Fotografie

Functional meets modern in contemporary kitchen design. This style incorporates smart-storage, impressive, cutting-edge technology, minimalist cabinetry, clean lines, large windows and metallic accents to construct an elegant and intelligent look and feel.

Recommended Kitchen Window Treatments: You could soften this design style and balance out the heavy metallics with our Lantex Fabric Venetian Blinds. They are 100% waterproof and almost impossible to break! To make these blinds even more contemporary in style, you could also motorise them to fit in with the high-tech focus. 

Want to try out one of these latest kitchen trends and need further assistance with purchasing a window covering that works best for you? Contact us on 0861 116 041 for expert advice.