Choosing the Right Blinds

Blinds are a great window treatment option for any room as they enhance your home décor but do you know which blinds to choose for those awkward spaces? Not to worry, we can help!

Layered look:

Why stick to 1 window treatment when you can create a beautiful elegant style by using 2! Enhance the window by adding a blind to drapes to create that layered look, you’ll love the chic effect!

Light & Privacy:

Do you have a room where light or privacy is an issue? Then venetian blinds are your solution. Designed to alter the angle of the slats they are perfect in controlling the level of light and even ambience in a room to suit the time of day, not to mention allowing for complete privacy.

Large Windows:

If you are a lover of large open windows and having sunshine streaming in or beautiful views you don’t want obstructed but still need the privacy at night then roller blinds are your solution. Because they can be roll up tightly to the top of the window & fitted neatly into the window recess they allow for maximum window exposure so that you can make the most of the sunshine during the day.

Protect your Furniture:

If you have upholstered furniture or drapes then continued exposure to sunlight could damage them by causing fading. Vertical blinds are a great solution for controlling the light and proving privacy and are especially perfect for large windows.

Coastal Living:

If you live close to the sea then rust is a problem and aluminium blinds are the solution! Aluminium is non-corrosive making them ideal for coastal living & bathrooms. Not only are they affordable, light and sleek they are also reflective, helping you save on your energy bill! 

With so many options you can have a blind suited for any room and décor!